Avimor Bike Demo Day is September 7th, 2013

Avimor Bike Demo Day is September 7th, 2013

Mark your calendars


Trail System Improvements

At Avimor, we take pride in our public trail systems. We have been partnering with local organizations to ensure the trails at Avimor are the best they can be. Here are just a few projects that have been completed in the past month:

Bovine Nirvana Bridge Project: Cutting in the re-route on Bovine Nirvana. SWIMBA (South West Idaho Mountain Biking Association) volunteers worked hard building this bridge. Avimor donated the building materials.


Avimor Sign Project: Avimor recognizes that a well marked trail system is a happy trail system, so we funded this sign project.

To thank volunteers for working on and improving trails, Avimor also recently sponsored a BBQ after the most recent SWIMBA Trail Day. Watch video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200942457593672

Bah, Ram, Ewe. Sheep are baaaaack in the Foothills.

It’s springtime in the Boise Foothills, which means it’s time for flocks of sheep to make their annual journey to the high country. 


The Idaho Statesman talks with Sheepherder Maximo Aranda as he unloads a band of 2,000 sheep at the Miller Gulch Trailhead:

Aranda led the sheep away from the trail to water on a fork of Crane Creek.

The sheep will be in the area of Corrals and Hard Guy trails for a couple of weeks, moving across the Foothills toward Bogus Basin and Boise National Forest land for the summer.

“This is good spring range,” said Wilder rancher Frank Shirts. “This is good for the ground and good for fire danger.”

Shirts, who has 12 bands of sheep – three grazing in the Boise Foothills – is one of the largest sheep operators in the West.

Hikers and cyclists might cross paths with sheep in the Foothills. Shirts recommends keeping dogs on leashes even on nonleash trails and walking bikes through the sheep to avoid conflicts with the white Great Pyrenees guard dogs.

Each band is usually protected from coyotes and other predators by two dogs. Shirts has one band of sheep already grazing near the motorcycle parking lot up 8th Street, headed toward Table Rock and Lucky Peak.



Avimor Construction and Trails

Avimor welcomes recreationalists from all over to visit our neighborhood and use our trails. However, just a quick heads up for anyone planning on riding the area in the near future: 

We are beginning construction on some new home sites and road ways out of the main gate near the pond. Currently the only thing affected will be the Burnt Car two track road, and we will cut in a temporary trail just north of the construction. Therefore, your best bet will be to use the Twisted Spring/Spring Valley Creek trail, as it rides much better. Once things are settled in SWIMBA will be planing a permanent single track trail.


Yellow = Affected Construction Area
Blue = Old Route
Green = New Temporary Re-route


Update via SWIMBA

Boise Bird Festival at Avimor

Mark your calendars! Boise Bird Festival at Avimor is April 27th! Come and learn more about Idaho’s birds with short bird walks, educational and interactive booths, workshops and demonstrations on a variety of topics from bird identification and backyard feeding to wild bird photography. Check out all the participating organizations in the right sidebar. You won’t want to miss it!Image

This one day Boise Bird Festival will be the official Pledge to Fledge event for Idaho on Saturday, April 27th, 2013. The Idaho Pledge to Fledge event will be held in the Boise foothills at the Avimor community’s Foothills Heritage Park. The main purpose of Pledge to Fledge and this event is simply to introduce people to the beautiful birds all around us. There is no financial pledging involved, but rather an invitation to those already interested in birds to “pledge” to introduce their friends and family to the wonderful world of birding and thereby help them to “fledge” into bird enthusiasts themselves.

Because birds are an indicator species of the health of the ecosystem, we know that the more people care about birds, the more they will care about conservation, and the creation and preservation of cool natural places. It’s also about getting people outside to enjoy nature. We are inviting all organizations and agencies involved in any way in the livelihood of birds and their habitats to participate. – BoiseBirdFestival.com


For more information, visit http://www.boisebirdfestival.com/


Magazine Names Boise Top Retirement Destination

“Where to Retire” Magazine – the only magazine in America geared toward helping people with retirement relocation decisions – named Boise as their top retirement destination. The city will be profiled in the upcoming March/April issue, available on February 19th. Image

Magazine Editor Mary Lu Abbott said Boise possesses qualities important to today’s retirees. “Boise may be a bit remote but it boasts cultural riches to complement an active outdoor lifestyle, which attracts many joggers and bikers to an extensive riverfront greenbelt. Ample shopping opportunities, top-notch medical facilities and a wide array of recreational adventures round out the appeal of this Northwest metro,” Abbott said. (KIVI)

Retirees who choose to relocate are generally healthier, better educated, and more affluent  than those who do not. These retirees bring significant economic benefits to their new states and hometown. For this reason, hundreds of towns across the nation seek to attract retirees as a source of economic development. 

Each year, 700,000 Americans relocate to new towns to retire.






Avimor Bird Guide

Avimor, the builder/developer and its community residents are deeply committed to the restoration and revegetation of key habitats for birds, insects, and wildlife and promote the lifestyle of enjoying the wonders of nature. We are passionate about preserving the ecosystem of the foothills and our development reflects our efforts. We are confident that as riparian and shrub steppe areas are restored with native vegetation that populations of native birds will return and thrive. We can use your help in tracking our progress.

This bird guide is a living and growing document. A list of all bird species seen is being compiled by employees, contractors, and friends of Avimor, including you. The following bird species have been documented by avid birders at or adjacent to Avimor. If you see or photograph a bird not presented in this guide, we’d be delighted if would email us as quickly as possible. Thanks and happy birding!

Click here to view Avimor’s Bird Guide:


Here is a Goose example from the guide:

Snow Goose

When: Spring and Fall migration

Where: Most likely to be observed flying overhead.

Cool Fact: Each year, early in the Spring, thousands upon thousands of migrating Snow Geese can be see at Old Fort Boise. An experience everyone should have on their bucket list.

If you see this bird at Avimor, please notify us.
Learn more

Canada Goose

When: Year round

Cool Fact: At least 11 subspecies of Canada Goose have been recognized, although only a couple are distinctive. In general, the geese get smaller as you move northward, and darker as you go westward.